Our Story


Rooted in our fundamental belief of freedom and possibility, every Bogat watch is made to inspire new norms, to embrace the good of yesterday but to fervently desire a better tomorrow for all.

We aspire to create value and to design functional luxury that is both affordable and accessible.

We believe that the future is bright.

We believe in you.

And we believe that together we can create an inspired world that builds a better tomorrow for all future generations.


Welcome to Bogat, a brand that is built around our love for people, our passion for technology and our insatiable fascination for watchmaking.

Our world at Bogat is inspired by our passion for the art of watchmaking and our desire to create luxurious timepieces that help you have immediate access and connectivity to your personal cryptocurrency wallet and profile.

Visualize the future with Bogat watches, technologically secure and affordable


We design and manufacture elegant watches for crypto users. Bogat is widely hailed as “a watch that exudes superior class and poise”.

Built sustainably, our innovative designs are manufactured with incredible precision, using only the highest quality of wear-resistant component parts. Our watches are created with future generations in mind. We use technology that is uniquely customizable to include your own personal, secure Crypto QR Code.

Infused with an undertone of functions and aesthetics that will stand the test of time, our watches are operated by world class movement technology.

Imagine being able to synchronize your personal crypto address seamlessly but securely with your watch. At Bogat, we help you enjoy your own secure crypto wallet, neatly disguised in an inspired timepiece.